Juliette Binoche



Faces are my landscape.

Not walls, either sunsets.

Not even oceans or streets or skyscrapers.

Every face that I’ve shot it’s a little piece that I’ve loved.

A window to others.

To those who have let me glimpse their hearts and who have given to me some instants.

An extract of what they are.

A pure, unpolished, undistilled version.

I remember with an unprecedented precision – a precision I don’t usually have to remember where the car keys or the cellular are - the exact moment in which I took each of these photographs.

The degree of freedom and alcohol. The effervescence. What I felt being in the other side of the camera. The temperature. The air of the time. The Smell.

All this faces accompany me.

I love them.

I can’t help it.


Isabel Coixet


> Contents52 photographs
> ConditionsMounted and framed. Different sizes. Travel in 2 wooden crates.
> TransportFrom Barcelona
> Rental ConditionsThe borrower will be in charge of:
-The transport from and to Barcelona
-The insurance, nail to nail
-Travel and journey of the artist from Barcelona, and the responsible from Madrid, for the opening
> AvailabilityFrom October 2020


Faces Faces
Faces Faces
Faces Faces



  • Campredon Centre d´art - Isle sur la Sorgue, France
    October 28 2016 - February 19 2017

  • La Térmica - Málaga, Spain
    March 10 - June 30 2017

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