Huseein Chalayan



The exhibition is about a choice of photographs rather than a retrospective even if there are a few pictures of the 70´s. It begins at the same time as my personal work in 1985 even though there is also many fashion pictures mostly done for editorial. It includes two installations from the four tales I did in which I mix photos and film :

"Here it is, I have a new project, a project looking backwards, to the future, it will be abook, that I would prefer to be more like a film, with a beginning, and an end, with sequences rather than chapters and flashbacks.

I would like to update the past, I would like to forestall the deadline; to push back the limit, I would like to open my left eye onto my right eye, three quarters closed from too much winking, or more exactly to have my eyes fixed into their sockets, as they say, at the risk of no longer being able to dream, I would like to lighten my luggage at the risk of no longer being able to leave.

I open the shut drawers, I find photos of long ago, I hardly recognise myself, I sort out, I throw out, I classify, I scan, I record, Apple S, Apple V, Apple U... Suddenly I remember the phrase I used at the age of 15 like a refrain “Time runs behind me and screams,

‘Thief!’” Who wrote it ? I wonder.

Again, I start once more, counting in reverse never works, my 125th of a second will never ever make an hour. The words already said echo in my head, the sentences are readymade, then I remember, in bits and pieces what can’t be erased.

Already a title imposes itself: “What’s left?” Already it weighs too heavily on me. There will be five chapters, so it will be"


Sarah Moon


> Contents- Black and white 125 prints
- Color 23 prints
> Projection-The Red Thread A 15 min film,
42 photographs.
-The mermaid of Auberville
A 25 min Film and 42 photographs
> ConditionFramed
> TransportFrom Paris
> Size of Crates-7 Crates of 111x66,5x92cm
-1 Crate of 133x68x87 cm
-1 Crate of 125x77x89cm
> Rental ConditionsThe borrower will be in charge of:
-The transport from and to Paris
-The insurance, nail to nail
-Travel and journey of Sarah Moon from and to Paris, for the opening
> AvailabilityFrom March 2016



  • Title:
  • Version: English/French
  • Format: 5 volume set, includes a DVD
  • Size: 27,94 x 27,94 cm
  • Number of pages: 486 pages
  • Publisher: Delpire
  • ISBN: 285-107-238-2


  • Seoul Art Center - Seoul, Korea
    25th September – 29th November 2009

  • Le Botanique - Brussels – Belgium
    7th June – 14th August 2011

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